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Slingshot - The  Master Slingshot - The Beast Slingshot - The  Solo
Slingshot - The Master
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Slingshot - The Beast
Our Price: $54.95
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Slingshot - The Solo
Our Price: $26.95
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Slingshot - The  Master, 150 yard MASTER water balloon launcher. Slingshot - The Beast. Almost 2 times the size of most slingshots. Featuring the Recoil Pouch™.
Slingshot - The  Solo, 100 yard water balloon launcher, for shooting by one person.
Slingshot - The  Junior Water Balloon Sling Shots Slingshot - MEGATEAM
Slingshot - The Junior
Our Price: $26.95
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Water Balloon Sling Shots
Our Price: $44.95
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Slingshot - MEGATEAM
Our Price: $35.95
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Slingshot - The  Junior , 90 yard JUNIOR water balloon launcher. Large Sling Shot for Water Balloons.  Often used by sports teams, mascots, and event organizers to launch t-shirts. MegaTeam Launcher can be used to shoot soft balls, water balloons or shirts by a team of 3 to 5 users.
Slingshot - The  Mega
Slingshot - The Mega
Our Price: $44.95
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Slingshot - The  Mega, 250 yard MEGA water balloon launcher, for shooting by 3 adults.