Protective Gear
Protective Gear for Promotions, Games and Contests

Many teams run live promotional games and contests live during their events. One area that can not be over-looked is contestant safety and team liability. Contestants should be briefed, prepared, practiced and able to compete, which includes physically being fit and sober. After signing appropriate waivers and preparing the contestants, responsible teams have safety gear available or mandatory where needed.

For that safety equipment there are three general needs: Head, elbow and knee pads. Depending on the contest hand, foot and eye protection may be needed. Here are several options we recommend available from

Some of Promotions Kits include safety equipment (see product descriptions).

Helmets and Head-Gear - Teams should have a variety of sizes, since fit is important. Some options allow for size adjustments (see product details).

Elbow/Knee Pads
- The primary consideration is sizing. Allow for pads to be worn over clothing. Depending on your surface consider hard shell pads or softer foam pads.

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